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A friendly and inclusive yoga studio in the heart of Fareham, Hampshire, where every body is welcome.

About LV Yoga

Meet Luke Voulgarakis

I have been practicing yoga since 2009.  In 2016 I began my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and qualified with Friends of Yoga (FRYOG) as a Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2018.  I then went on to qualify as a Kids Yoga Teacher through Rainbow Yoga.  I achieved my 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2021.

I have taught classes for various studios, gyms, businesses and educational environments.  I have also hosted many online classes to broaden my reach and bring yoga to those who are unable access it in times of need.

In 2018 I based LV Yoga at a private studio in the heart of Fareham Town Centre, sharing space with Laura Whittaker of Yoga Junkie.  In 2020 I decided to renovate and open my own studio, still on Fareham West Street.  There I host classes three days a week, plus additional workshops and monthly classes.  I sublet this space to other amazing teachers too, so the studio is active and open seven days a week.

All the teachers at LV Yoga Studio share a deep passion for health and wellbeing, and we all work in harmony together to ensure our students experience the best energy at the studio.

LV Yoga

My yoga story

As uninteresting as it is to me, I’ve been asked a few times now to share my story of how I began yoga and what inspired me to teach. So here’ goes…

In 2009, on one drunken night, my friend Lyndsay and I decided that we wanted to have a bash at two things; 1. Learn the piano, 2. Start yoga.

With a quick Google search we stumbled across the fabulous Karen Percival of Birch Tree Yoga, and quickly signed up to her classes. Like many new yogis in the West, we were attracted to yoga for all the wrong reasons! In our minds we wanted to do some exercise that involved minimal exertion, and yoga felt the right balance of laziness and effort. Little did we know…
After a while Lyndsay decided to drop the practice, but yoga had ignited something within me that was here to stay. By this time my life had become complicated and stressful. I was in the midst of a series of unexpected family bereavements, my Dad was terminally ill, I felt stuck in an unhappy relationship and my work-life was causing me no end of chaos. But for that 80 minutes a week, I felt complete release of these worries. I’d learnt how to live in the moment, even if just for this short time every Thursday evening.

The years passed by, and my life only got more and more complex. In 2013 my Dad passed and my relationship broke down. I’d experienced a whole new level of loss and grieving. During this time I’d opened my heart to spirituality and began to realise what yoga was really about. I’d met another yoga teacher whilst participating in Jury Service. Her name was Elizabeth Longland and our conversations opened something inside of me that made me realise that yoga is what I’m meant to do.

Some more years passed before I gained the confidence to actually put this plan into action, by which time my grief had passed and I’d settled into a new relationship. Although, there was still one element of chaos that gave me some additional drive to make this happen…work! I’d bounced around from job to job, becoming so overwhelmingly frustrated with corporate politics, having to be a people pleaser over doing a good job, and with the pattern keep repeating itself, I knew it was time to make a move towards my greatest potential. In 2016 I signed up to a two year, 200 hour course with the inspirational Vicky Bedford of Yoga Belliza, and never looked back.

2018 was as big year for me. Now married, my Husband and I adopted a gorgeous little girl. I used this opportunity to take a year off work to be with her, and establish my own business with the intention of no longer returning to traditional employment. Our plan was originally to build a home studio, but we faced strong opposition from our neighbours, who expressed some very aggressive opinions towards yoga as a practice and a business. Of course, I invited them to join me on the mat in a hope to alleviate their fears and bring them some much needed calm, but unsurprisingly they did not take me up on this offer. On a mission to not let the haters get me down, I put out to the universe to provide for me, and provide it did.

Mutual friends introduced me to the lovely Laura Whitaker of Yoga Junkie, who hosted a gorgeous studio in Fareham town centre. She was looking for someone to share the space with her, and upon meeting we knew instantly that we shared the same vision, to spread the love that is yoga. We knew that we could work in harmony together to build our empires and spread the beauty of yoga. And the rest, as they say, is history!
And no, I still can’t play the piano.


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“I’ve really enjoyed Luke’s beginners class. A warm and friendly atmosphere combined with knowledgeable teaching makes for happiness and progression! I’m looking forward to continuing.”
Abby L.

“5 Stars … Luke has a great style, relaxed, informal, and informative. A great space, and so well equipped. Have finally achieved a head stand after many years and many classes!”
Simon R.

Luke’s gentle style and genuine concern for his students’ individual experiences give me the freedom to enjoy my sessions. There is a sense of peace when you enter the studio. It is lovely.
Mary L.

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