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How many people are in a yoga class?
It depends on which class. They range from 4 to 18. Our studio can accommodate 24 mats but I cap my classes at 18 to ensure people have enough space to spread out and so that I can keep an eye on everyone.
What do I need to bring to yoga?
Yourself! Everything is provided for you. Mats, blocks, belts, blankets, and so on…

You just need to turn up in comfy clothes! Simples.

How will yoga make you feel?
Awesome! When you come to LV Yoga, it’s a private, dedicated yoga class designed to be a personal practice for you. It’s not one of those classes where you have to keep up with everyone else and get lost amongst the masses of sweaty people pushing themselves to the edge of exhaustion! Yoga is about connecting with your body and your mind. We move slowly, we breathe deeply and we listen to our bodies. Never pushing ourselves beyond the edge of our abilities. I always say to my students; if something feels tight, breathe into it. If something feels painful, back away from it. By using this method you should never be able to hurt your body, yet you still get the benefits of the stretching and deep breathing. Yes, sometimes you may feel it the next day, but that’s usually a good thing, so long as it’s not painful. Hopefully you will leave my classes feeling peaceful yet energised, stretched yet relaxed, and definitely calmer.
What is the studio like?
Gorgeous! Yes, from the outside the old post office looks a bit shabby, but if you look up you will see our beautifully branded windows welcoming you into our peaceful haven. We have a key-pad entry system which leads you into our lobby. As you head up the stairs there are toilets and a safe area to keep your personal belongings. When you enter the studio you will see our dedicated yoga sanctuary, with plenty of space to spread out. You will hopefully be greeted by the calming music and the light scent of burning incence. Any anxieties you had about coming or stresses from your day should hopefully melt away at this point, as you get ready to settle into your mat.
What happens in a yoga class?
Peace and quiet! We always start our practice laying in Savasana (relaxation), where we get to calm our minds and switch off from the outside world. We then do some light warms ups to mobilise and awaken our bodies. Our main Asana (posture) practice is themed each week. For example: Hips, Forward Bends, Balances, etc. We usually include Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) or Chandra Namaskar (moon salute) in most classes too. Then we do some cool downs, which often includes an inversion (going upside down). But don’t worry, this can be as simple as putting our legs up the wall to reverse the flow of Prana (energy/breath). Then we relax back down in Savasana for the end of the session before floating out the door
What can you expect when coming your first class at LV Yoga?
A warm welcome! It can be daunting coming to a new class for the first time, especially when there are others who have already been doing it. But I promise you this, when you come to one of my classes, you will be welcomed not only by myself, but also by my amazing students who were all beginners once too. We celebrate an inclusive environment where you can treat your practice as a personal one. This means if you feel uncomfortable in a pose or just want to sit out for a bit, you can, without judgement. We all have different abilities and confidence levels, and a huge part of yoga is listening to your body and that inner voice. So you are encouraged to take a break, skip a pose or ask for an alternative. Yoga really is for every body.
Is yoga good for health issues?
Yes! Yoga is a healing practice. And as long as you listen to your body and treat yourself kindly in class, you will benefit from it. It is known to be great for all kinds of conditions and ailments, including: asthma, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, arthritis, ME, MS, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, fatigue, back pain, and the list goes on….
No, I’m not a doctor or a wizard! Yoga is complimentary to other treatments and is not a miracle cure (although some may experience this!). It is a healing practice that will help both your body and mind.
What happens in family yoga?
Lots of fun! My classes run every Saturday. The 11:30am class is aimed at 3-8 year olds (loosely!) and we do lots of fun activities, games, dancing and other silliness. These are all designed to get your kids (and you!) active and doing yoga without even realising it. It’s a great opportunity for you to connect with your child/ren, have some fun and keep healthy. In my 1pm class, aimed at ages 9+, we keep it more chilled. It’s more or less the same as a regular adult class, except we use calming pop music and do more partner poses.
Are beginners welcome at LV Yoga?
Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I have several options for beginners…

  1. Join my 6pm Monday Light Yoga class to get used to the practice before coming to a regular class.
  2. Wait for one of my 5-week beginners courses.
  3. Have a private class with me first.
  4. Join any of my existing classes. I can easily integrate you and make sure you’re able to benefit from the practice without feeling like you’re lagging behind the others. Remember, yoga is a personal practice, not a competition!
How do I enter the building?
There is a keypad entry system (you’ll get the code when you join).  Please let yourself in, head upstairs, leave your bags, coats and shoes at the top of the stairs and head into the studio when you’re ready.
Is there free parking nearby?

There is free public parking available nearby:

1. Malthouse Lane Car Park (Free after 6pm)
2. Western Road (2 hours free parking anytime)

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