LV Yoga, Fareham, Updated 4th February 2021

Dearest Yogis,

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you I need to temporarily close my business.  It’s no secret that I’ve been in poor health lately, and today I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I do not rest then I am looking at much more serious health issues in the near future.  So, to practice what I preach, I am going to listen to my body and honour this period of healing time that both my body and mind so desperately need.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this decision hasn’t been made lightly. Especially being self-employed during a pandemic. This is quite the financial risk I’m taking. But there is nothing more important than my own health. I have two young children and they need their Daddy to be fit and well.

So what does this mean for you?  There are still 3 options for online classes:

1. Luckily I spent the whole summer filming classes during the first lockdown. So scheduled classes will continue in this format. Carina will be sending a link to a specially selected class in time for you to practice at the scheduled time.  These classes are freely available on my Facebook page anyway, so you can watch them anytime.  During these videos I invite you to make a donation to my business in exchange for the class. Obviously if you are an Unlimited member or have prepaid for a class then this is considered your donation. However, this is entirely voluntary so if you would prefer a refund or to roll over your payment to when I’m back, please get in contact ASAP.

Yoga is a community, and in community sprit, two amazing teachers have come forward to offer their live online classes to LV Yoga clients in exchange for donations to support my little business, or free for Unlimited Members.

2. The incredible Livtar Kuar is offering Kundalini Yoga via Zoom:

Monday 5-6pm Kundalini yoga with a focus on the 10 bodies
Monday 6:30-7:30pm Kundalini yoga with a focus on moving into spring.
Tuesday 9-10am Kundalini Yoga
Wednesday 6-7pm A kundalini class that sometimes will focus on gentle stretching and breath work and sometimes a simple kundalini Kriya as well as a meditation, this to keep you going in the middle of the week!
Thursday 9-10am Kundalini yoga with a focus on the chakras.
Thursday 6-7pm Hatha for beginners and intermediate
Friday 9:15-10:15am Women’s Yoga

Zoom passcode
739 578 2975

She can also be contacted directly through
Sushmuna Yoga Vegan and Raw Facebook page or Sushmuna Facebook page or 07852870741

3. The lovely Laura Heda is offering Pilates classes via Facebook live.

Sunday mornings at 9am – 9.45am

If you would like to get involved pleased email to fill in a short enrolment/ health form.

Follow this link to learn more about Laura’s classes:

Donations can be made for both classes via my PayPal link or ping me a message for my bank details. Again, Unlimited members do not need to donate.


I plan to be off from Monday 8th February. So everything up to and including the 7th is going ahead as planned.  I am looking to take around one month off, but it all depends on my healing. Please watch this space for updates.

Until then, I love, value and appreciate you all SO much. And I so look forward to returning to better health and seeing you all again.

So much love and namaste,

Luke <3

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