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Chronic poor health has ailed me my whole life, as it did my father. It’s always been said in my family that I was born with my Dad’s body. Not only his short stature, but also his undiagnosed chronic illness too. In 2013, he died at the age of 59, from a disease that has no medically known cause, very much like his chronic illness that could also never be diagnosed.
Many of you may know that the beginning of 2021 broke me. For at least a year prior, my chronic ailments had reached uncontrollable proportions and earlier this year I was at the point where I couldn’t even hold my own baby daughter without being in complete agony. My digestive system and severe back pain kept me awake most nights, and subsequently my mental health was a complete mess. I couldn’t physically practice yoga (I could barely get off the sofa!), I couldn’t mentally run a business, and I couldn’t even consider the concept of parenting a newborn. The feeling of completely failing your own children and feeling powerless to do anything about it was the most terrifying experience of all. Not to mention we were under the close watch of social services due to the adoption process. The pressure broke me in ways I cannot describe and never wish to experience again.
We found that we’d become totally dependant on convenience eating.  Chronic fatigue kept me from being able to entertain the prospect of preparing food, and the jingle “Did somebody say Just Eat!” became a daily jolly in our house. Sometimes twice a day. Or three times if you count the left over pizza we had for breakfast! But it gave us the energy boost we needed as well as satisfying our taste buds, bringing a small moment of pleasure to an otherwise awful day. And in honesty, I often felt better after eating junk food than I would if I ate something healthy.  Having recently developed unexplained allergies to all fruit, some vegetables, honey, shellfish and a few other odd things, junk food just seemed like a safe go-to. My Dad always said the same, that he felt better eating junk than healthily.
The healthcare system could not offer any reasonable explanation for my ailments, other than a slight vitamin D deficiency and a diagnosis of osteo arthritis in my spine, which was assessed over the telephone with no physical examination. I pushed and pushed for further examinations but eventually became so frustrated that I took matters into my own hands.  I had a private x-ray that confirmed no signs of arthritis, then continued with 16 chiropractic treatments that made no difference at all. I had also had a course of acupuncture that had some level of success, but still no permanent relief. I then met with a herbalist, the amazing Wendy Budd at Budd’s Apothecary in Southsea. She heard all my ailments in a way that no doctor ever has. She explained why they were happening and how to go about resolving them. Through some interesting tasting tincture and a gluten free diet, my body and mind started to feel human again. This was the most significant step I’d taken towards good health, ever. I’d done gluten free diets before but with no real success, because I never understood the science behind it and I’d never really been 100% committed.  Wendy showed me the error of my ways and finally life started to improve, and both myself and my family started to heal.
I’d healed enough to go back to teaching yoga, but chronic back pain was still plaguing me through the night and early morning. I was then introduced to something called Copaiba. One tiny drop of this oil before bed, and for the first time in longer than I can remember, I woke up pain free. Of course, I assumed it was a fluke, so I tried again. Same thing happen, I woke up pain free again. Determined to convince myself it couldn’t be this easy, I tried a night without the oil. Agony. So I tried another night, more agony. Until I eventually came to admit that the answer really is that simple. Going back to nature has cured me. One simple drop of a pure essential oil has had a more significant impact on my pain levels than pain killers, chiropractic treatment or anything else I’d tried. Just one drop!
It was then that I knew I had to start incorporating more of these oils into my life. If one can have such a significant impact on my health, imagine what the rest of them could do!  So now it’s official, Alex and I have proudly embarked on a new business venture as DoTerra essential oil representatives.  We have been completely bowled over by the ethical standards and integrity of DoTerra as a business, and the quality and healing properties of the products. We were very nervous about this, especially as most might view it as a pyramid scheme, so we spoke to many, many people about it, and unanimously we were told that these products are exceptional quality and absolutely life changing, and that it’s a legitimate, well thought out business structure.  Very different to the dodgy 70s pyramid schemes! So with a nervous smile and some blind faith, we’re in!
So now it’s over to you…we are looking for some volunteers to share your ailments with us and allow us to share some free samples with you and see how you get on. No, this is not about us trying to force something on you that you feel obliged to repurchase, this is genuinely about healing. We want to know other people’s experiences with the products, so we can move forward in our business with integrity, having great stories to share of real people recieving real healing from these products.  If you’re interested, please ping me an email with your ailments and we will endeavour to see how we can best help you out.
With all our love,
Luke and Alex

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