Light Yoga

For those with less mobility or injuries, or those who just feel they’re not ready for a ‘regular’ class yet, Light Yoga is a great option for you.  It’s similar to the Classic Hatha Yoga, however we do not practice any weight-bearing Asanas (poses).  We spend longer in Savasana (relaxation) and take our time over the Asanas to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable.  This is also a great option for beginners.

Upcoming Light Yoga Classes

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Simply click on the class you'd like to attend and follow the steps to complete your online booking and payment.

Unlimited Members

If you have LV Yoga's unlimited monthly membership, there is no need to book for weekly scheduled yoga classes, however booking your child/rens place(s) is still required for Family Yoga.  Please note that unlimited membership does not include events and workshops.

If you don't see the class you'd like to attend, check out our 'What's On' page.  We hold Hatha yoga, Light yoga, Beginner's yoga and Family yoga classes.  We also run workshops throughout the year.

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