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While Luke is busy recovering from an injury, there are three amazing and talented cover teachers operating a new timetable in his absence…

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About LV Yoga

Welcome to LV yoga!

I’m delighted you stumbled across my website.  Now, let me tell you all about how yoga is going to work for YOU

Yoga is a personal practice, not a competition.  So, when you come to my class you can feel comfortable knowing that you don’t have to do anything that your body or mind doesn’t like.  You will learn to connect to your body and know what FEELS GOOD for you in that moment.

At LV Yoga, I teach for ALL BODY TYPES, abilities, ages or whatever limiting factor you feel you may have. Remember, if you have a body, you have a yoga body!

When you come to the LV Yoga studio in the heart of Fareham, Hampshire, you will be surprised to find this dedicated yoga sanctuary welcoming you and instantly putting you AT EASE.  So what are you waiting for?  The time is now!  

“After my yoga class with Luke, my whole mental wellbeing changes for the better. Monday’s aren’t mine or most people’s favourite day but having Yoga on a Monday really helps me refocus and take time for myself to set me up for the week” ~ Michelle S.

Our Classes

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LV Yoga offers a range of classes to suit all abilities and ages.  While the majority of the classes are Classic Hatha Yoga, there are also Family Yoga classes and Beginners classes too.  In addition, there are other events running throughout the year, including monthly meditation groups, restorative classes and other specialised workshops.

Hatha Yoga

If you’re looking for a more ‘standard’ style of yoga, the Classic Hatha Yoga class is a great option.  Hatha is the most commonly practiced style of yoga in the UK.

Family Yoga

Want to get the kids involved?  Great!  Family Yoga is an amazing way to connect with your kids, get a bit of light exercise and have some fun as a family.

Beginners Yoga

Beginners level classes run twice a week and are perfect for those who are brand new to yoga or those who prefer a simpler practice.

Weekly Timetable

Monday with Warren

7.30pm to 8.30pm Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga

Wednesday with Mel


7:30pm to 8:30pm Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga

FRIDAY with Victoria

9:30am to 10:30am Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga
6pm to 7pm Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga


Our Expert Instructor

Meet Luke

Yoga found me in 2009, and like many, I began just for the ‘exercise’! I quickly realised how whole and awesome yoga made me feel and set my intention to become a yoga teacher.

It took me many years to pluck up the courage to begin my studies, but in 2016 I took the plunge, and qualified with Friends of Yoga (FRYOG) in 2018.  I then went on to gain an additional qualification with Rainbow Kids Yoga to enable me to teach mini yogis too.  In 2021 I completed my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training with FRYOG.

I have taught for other studios and gyms, businesses and education environments.  I have also hosted online classes to broaden my reach and bring yoga to those who are otherwise unable to access it.

I believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY.  Note the separation of the two words there.  It’s my mission to make yoga as accessible to as many different people as possible.  Whether at my studio or elsewhere, I aim to guide you towards your yoga journey and help you learn and experience the incredible benefits that yoga has to offer.


What People Are Saying

“Absolutely loved the family yoga, as did my little boy. it was a wonderful way to spend some quality time with my son in a lovely and playful environment on a Saturday morning. Highly recommend.”
Jolene H.

“Highly recommend Luke. Patient and calm, allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.
I’ve never been one for any kind of exercise, totally new to yoga,and Lukes class is something I really enjoy.”
Paula T.

“Luke has a very relaxing style of instruction but also an ability to make yoga fun. Regardless of your experience and ability, Luke will give the guidance & support you need to enjoy the benefits that yoga brings.”

Tim C.

Our Blog

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New Schedule Alert!

Dearest Yogis, Starting 1st September, there will be some changes to the current schedule Mondays 10am Mixed Ability 4:45pm Family Yoga 6pm Beginners 7:30pm Mixed Ability Thursdays 6:30pm Mixed Ability 7:45pm Beginners Fridays 10am Mixed Ability 6pm Mixed Ability...

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